A woolly tale

Sheep outnumber people in Yorkshire by a fair number. The local sheep are called Swaledale and have distinctive black faces. Their wool is very coarse and they are a very hardy breed, a requirement for the exposed areas they live in.

2015-07-02 16.24.12

The wool is very thick but when knitted up it makes lovely warm garments.

2015-07-02 17.52.41  2015-07-03 14.06.45  2015-07-03 14.06.53

As I was walking around Keld I saw a farmer putting out some feed for his sheep. modern farmers use quad bikes now but for many years shepherds walked everywhere. Even though the farmer is a bit more upto date with his/her transport methods they still know exactly where their sheep are. This picture is of a farmer calling his sheep and they came running across the hillside when they heard his voice.


Jesus uses analogies of the shepherd and sheep in many parables and stories when describing himself and God to people, and I was reminded of these two verses in particular as I watched the farmer call his sheep to him:

John 10:14 – “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me

John 10:27 – My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.
This is a good reminder that as we go about our daily lives,  God is always watching over us and knows each of us by name.
Just like the wool I described at the start which begins as a knotted and tangled mess, it can be drawn out, spun and knitted into something that is beautiful to look at and has a function. So we can be made strong by spinning ourselves together with God, He knows us all by name and has a job for us all to serve Him, so get knitting!

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