My first ever blog!

I have been granted the pleasure of being Minister-in-residence at the beautiful church and village of Keld in North Yorkshire. Keld

There has been a church in Keld since 1540 but was reported derelict by 1706. In 1789 an independent preacher Edward Stillman visited Swaledale and on seeing the derelict building decided to rebuild it and it was completed in 1791. THe church and manse was rebuilt again, the one you see above, in 1838 by James Wilkinson.  From 1985 the manse was rented out to provide an income for the church.  A few weeks of the year the manse is set aside for Ministers in Residence, like me (even though I am not officially yet a minister) to enjoy the area and experience a rural parish.

Whilst here for the week I am expected to lead two services on Sunday, 10.30am at Low Row URC, a little further along the road, and the 2pm service at Keld URC.  I am also leading morning and evening prayers daily.


I am looking forward to this regular time of daily worship, I am aware that even though I am still a minister in training my daily prayer schedule is not what it should be! So hopefully this will help me kickstart it again!

As you probably know I am a bit of a stitcher and crafter and like to try new skills so during my stay I plan to make a rag rug. A piece of hessian and three shirts my husband gave me to iron (actually he donated them for bunting but I changed my mind) will, I hope, produce a lovely rug I can look at in the future and remember my time here in Keld.


The local term for rag rugging I have discovered this week is ‘prodding’.  I think this is quite an apt term for me this week as I quite often need prodding, sometimes to start and sometimes to finish a task.  This week however, I feel God is prodding me “I am here!”

Well, I am here God, with you and within this beautiful place, thank you for bringing me here.  We all need a little ‘prodding’ sometimes.